Saami History Blog by Lars-Nila Lasko


“One can perchance ask whether the Saami have no history.” This is the introduction to the section Sámi history of Professor Björn Collin Flinders in year 1953 published book “The Lapps”. Although Professor Collinder was not a professor of Saami history and questioned if the Saami have had no history – the question has relevance from a different perspective – What do people know about the Saami and Saami history?

Students in Swedish schools read more about history of US then about the history of the Saami People?

Looking at the common Swedish Peoples knowledge of Saami history –  it is close to zero. Very often it is articles in the newspapers in northern Sweden that Saami recently immigrated to Sweden, are not the Indigenous People of Sweden or other ahistorical perspectives on the Saami.

Looking at the literature in Swedish about the Saami, one can wonder if there is any history of the Saami people to write about?

The aims of this blog is to be a small light in the darkness and try to spread some information about Saami history.


Lars-Nila Lasko

Guhkkin davvin Dávggáid vuolde sabmá suolggai Sámieanan


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