Saami history blog as counterbalance by Lars-Nila Lasko

The aim of this blog is to be a small light in the darkness and try to spread information about Saami history. It is the purpose of the blog.

But, this blog also has another purpose! I have started this blog to help myself to answer a lots’ of questions that I get about Saami law and Saami history.

Another purpose of the blog is to create interest in Saami history. Hopefully this blog will inspire others to study, read, discuss, and maybe start blogging about Saami history, Saami Culture and Saami traditions!

Hopefully this blog will be a small contribution to the understanding and respect for the Saami and Saami culture. Hopefully this blog will increase tolerance to and open the hearts.


Lars-Nila Lasko

In addition to the above there is also a further object of this history blog that has the counterweight to do in today’s historical debate about the Saami Rights. In many post on Internet, one can get the impression that the Saami came relatively recently to Lapland. In various blogs it is claimed that the shamanism of the Saami People is just a copy the old Swedish religion. Elsewhere on the Internet is questioned about archaeological findings in the north really is Saami. In the historical debate it is claimed that Saami rights is without history, new inventions of law and privileges.

This blog is going to meet anti-Saami arguments with facts and knowledge.


Lars-Nila Lasko

Guhkkin davvin Dávggáid vuolde sabmá suolggai Sámieanan



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