Why blog about Saami history by Lars-Nila Lasko

The aim of this blog is to be a small light in the darkness and try to spread information about Saami history. It is the purpose of the blog.


Lars-Nila Lasko

But, this blog also has another purpose!

In all professions people are specialized more and more. This include also lawyers. One cannot be a specialist in everything in the current legislation. Especially not with ca. 2000 new tax law changes and about 1000 other legislative changes every year.

Among minorities, I believe that progress has been the opposite. As a Saami lawyer you will become the Saami people’s lawyer. We are few lawyers among the Saami. We can be counted in the number of fingers of one hand. On the other hand, it seems that Saami would rather turn to Saami lawyers than other lawyers. A lot’s of Saami phoning us, emailing or writing letters with questions about all sorts of legal matters.

Saami rights are strongly connected with the history. Saami rights today rests on ancient historical tradition. To understand and interpret today’s rights you must understand how the Saami rights developed over a very long time. Without understanding Saami history, one cannot understand today’s Saami situation or today’s Saami rights.

I get a lots’ of questions every week by emails, telephone and letters.  I have started this blog to help myself to answer a lots’ of questions that I get. In this blog I will take up everything about Saami history and Saami rights from the beginning up until today. The purpose of the blog is to inform about the Saami history. But, also because it is an easier way to answer all the questions I get.

However, maybe the effect will be the opposite and I will I get more questions???


Lars-Nila Lasko

Guhkkin davvin Dávggáid vuolde sabmá suolggai Sámieanan



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