Growing Swedish nationalism and Saami origin by Lars-Nila Lasko

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog

Origin of Saami People?

Saami origin has interested scientists since since the time of John Schefferus in the 1600s. However, still several hundred years after Schefferus time remains Saami origin a controversial issue.


Saami origin has become a hot issue

Saami origin has also become a hot issue in the growing Swedish nationalism. On nationalist forums and sites on internet questions are raised if Saami People can be Swedish citizens, late immigrants from Mongolia, if Saami People should be deported to Asia and much more. The debate about Saami origin is based only on assumptions and speculations without facts.

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog

Nationalist on internet and Saami origin

On the Swedish nationalist places for debate like it is possible to read “The Saami would be Sweden’s indigenous people is propaganda that our enemies use and which, unfortunately, is strongly rooted among many Swedes. Sweden has only been populated from south of the Germanic tribes” … and on www.nordisk.nuLapps came later than the Germanic tribes proved by archaeological research”. Similar comments can be found at and other nationalist internet sites.

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog

Saami origin and confusion

Indigenous” is a new concept in international law and established in the new international instruments such as ILO Convention 169, (adopted by the International Labor Organization in 1989), and the UN Declaration on indigenous people, (adopted by the United Nations in 2007). The concept of indigenous people is a legal concept and does not mean the same thing as a people’s origin.

The concept of indigenous peoples, however, has been interpreted in nationalist forums like who came first and started a heated debate about the Saami origin.

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog


Nationalism itself can have positive, pleasant and harmless forms of expression for example in sports contexts when people cheering on their own team or nation.

However, nationalism can also take other forms of expression with fatal consequences or lead to conflicts between ethnic groups.

Nationalism is a system of thought based on the idea of a special community within the nation’s borders. Nowadays, we talk about different types of nationalism. The various nationalisms are based on different basic assumptions about national community and therefore can manifest itself in different ways.

Today, researchers Benedict Anderson and other researchers has questioned the nationalism as real communities and instead use the term imagined communities”. Depending on the conception of the nationality grounds and nations will the function of nationalism also take different forms.

Some Swedish nationalists have notion of the Swedish nation historically belong to, or contains only a certain race or a certain ethnic group. In such instances, the argumentation that Saami may not have a historical basis in the territory forming the nation Sweden. Swedish nationalists argue that the Saami came later to the country Sweden than Swedes themselves and should therefore no legal rights in Sweden In this blog I will show with facts that the nationalists’ argument is based only on fantasies!

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog

 Blog Question?

In this blog I will try to address ignorance about the Saami history with knowledge. Is it possible to face the ignorance with knowledge?


Lars-Nila Lasko



Guhkkin davvin Dávggáid vuolde sabmá suolggai Sámieanan




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