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Johan Turi and Saami origin

Johan Turi
Johan Turi

Johan Turi (1854-1936)

No one has heard that the Saami People would have come from somewhere. The Saami People has been an ancient people from time immemorial everywhere here in Lapland. When Saami People, in old times, lived at the seacoast there was not a single other inhabitants, and then it was good to be a Saami. In old times the Saami People lived everywhere on the Swedish side. At that time there were no farmers; The Saami People did not know that there were other people than themselves.” (Johan Turi “Muitalus sámiid birra”, “A book about Saami life” 1910)

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog


Saami comes from Lapland according Johan Turi

Johan Turi explains Saami origin that they always lived in Lapland and all other ethnic groups have recently immigrated to Lapland.

Lars-Nila Lasko - Saami History Blog
Lars-Nila Lasko – Saami History Blog


Saami origin questioned annually

However, Johan Turi’s declaration of Saami origin is not shared by all. Saami origin has long been a debated issue … and it still is. Every year we read letters to the editor in the northern press, on various blogs and on different forums on internet that Saami should go home to China and Mongolia, they immigrated to Sweden recently from east, or that they are not an indigenous people in Sweden (see previous blog post about Internet addresses on different posts on Saami origin).


Johan Turi has a score of Saami origin

Johan Turi’s explanation is not so stupid. Among historians and the scientific community it is widespread agreement that the Saami have been in Scandinavia and north-western Russia at least for several thousand years.

However, Saami origin is more complicated if one goes back more than 3000 years in time and the time before that. To understand the time horizon we could relate, for example, to the Swedish language which emerged 2,000 years later than the Saami language, ie around the year 800. This was a time before the Old Norse, Gothic, Lombard and other older Germanic languages emerged. We are talking about the time when pro-Germanic was a speaking language in Eorope to come to the time when it is difficult to understand the origin of the Saami people and Saami language.

I will go into more detail about Saami origin in future blog posts, different theories and facts.

Blog Question

Have each ethnic group a pipeline back to the Ice Age?

Ethnicity is actually an intellectual construction that also changes over time and develops in the area of contact between the different groups. Today’s ethnic map might not be transferred 10,000 years back in time or can it?


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